About the club

We are the English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) Club

The Only Official Club Recognised by the Kennel Club est. 1938.

Club Patrons :  Ruth Kitson (Quinoa)

Club President : John Richardson (Reeberrich)

Club Vice President : Maurice Graham-Weall (Phidgity)

Committee Chair : Nick Gourley (Witchstone)

Secretary : Lisa Dixon (Lasagesse) –  secretary@english-toy-terrier-club.com

The English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) Club (ETTC) is the only Kennel Club registered club for the ETT. It was originally titled the Miniature Black & Tan Terrier Club (founded in 1938) in 1960 the name of the club change when then name of the breed was changed.

The club runs Kennel Club Licensed Open and Championship dog shows, social events and seminars. The club magazine “Thumbprints” is published annually and distributed to all members. Our members attend Discover Dogs and other events to promote the ETT by sharing information about this very special breed.

The club promotes and supports health testing, responsible breeding and ownership.

The objectives of the English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) Club are:-

  • To do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed.
  • To promote the responsible ownership of the breed.
  • To encourage the breeding of sound, typical and healthy dogs of good temperament, in accordance with The Kennel Club Breed Standard
  • To encourage and support the exhibition and judging of dogs in accordance with the recognized Kennel Club Breed Standard.

Club Contacts

LISA DIXON- Club Secretary, Facebook & Website

Phone: 07904621665
Email: secretary@english-toy-terrier-club.com

COLIN HAFFENDEN- Treasurer & Assistant Show Manager

Phone: 01435 813540
Email: colin@wgaccountancy.co.uk

RYAN ROSS - Health & Thumbprints

Phone: 7432641483
Email: ryanrossi@gmail.com

DERFEL OWEN - Vice-Chair, Breed Education Coordinator & Judges' Sub-Committee

Phone: 07540 843492
Email: derfelowen@yahoo.co.uk

NICK GOURLEY - Chairperson, Club Archivist & Website

Phone: 07768610066
Email: nickgourley@btconnect.com

JACK WOOD - Show Manager

Phone: 07592782059
Email: jackgraemewood@outlook.com

KIM ROSS - Discover Dogs Co-ordinator

Phone: 07984020873
Email: poshpin@icloud.com

SHARON EVISON- Thumbprints & Website

Phone: 07791869813
Email: sharon@awardboard.com

GRAEME DIXON - Cup Steward, Website & K.C. Breed Liaison

Phone: 01207 545628
Email: Graeme.dix@mail.com

KAT PATRICK - Welfare & Instagram

Phone +1-512-217-6984 (use whatsapp)
Email: texangals@gmail.com

Richard Forsythe - Memebrship Secretary
RICHARD FORSYTHE - Membership Secretary

Phone: 07803373742
Email: membershipsec@english-toy-terrier-club.com

JAN FIERS - Judges' Sub-Committee & Committee Member


Want to become a member of the ETT Club?
Simply download the membership form here.https://www.english-toy-terrier-club.com/join-the-club-2/
Please ensure that you have read and understood the KC Approved Club Rules before submitting your membership.

Breed History

The English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) often called the “ETT” for short is Britain’s oldest native toy breed. They are on The Kennel Club’s vulnerable breed list with about 100 per year bred.

The English Toy Terriers (Black & Tan) are intelligent and eager to please their owners, they are good natured and easy to train and make good family pets. Anyone wishing to share a home with one of these elegant and charming terriers would more than likely need to register their interest with a breeder and be put on a waiting list.

  • 2010 – 136 puppies bred per year
  • 2011 – 95 puppies bred per year
  • 2012 – 126 puppies bred per year
  • 2013 – 115 puppies bred per year
  • 2014 –  94 puppies bred per year
  • 2015 – 78 puppies bred per year
  • 2016 – 102 puppies bred per year

Judges List

The Kennel club provides a full list of all approved judges for the English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) breed including all future approved CC appointments and individual judges appointment history.

Download the judging list criteria above to help understand the criteria for the different List of a judges