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Audrey Ensor : A Tribute

The Club is very sorry to hear that Audrey Ensor, of the THALCYON KENNEL, has passed away.  Audrey had a long and distinguished career in breeding and showing ETTs, with many of the top kennels having Thalcyon blood in their lines. 

Although Audrey showed Afghan Hounds with great success in the early 1980’s she had long admired the ETT.  She had intended to buy her first ETT in 1986 but the death of a son, and then her husband over a very short space of time meant this had to be delayed, and indeed Audrey seriously considered giving up showing.  In 1991 she began corresponding with Marjorie Heward (Carrlea) and in September of that year she acquired “Tally” –  Carrlea Royal Challenger – and that was the start of her love affair with the breed.  At the Welsh KC Champ Show in 1992 she was introduced to John Cottrell (Warwells) and later that year she acquitted “Trouble” – Warwells Mr Trouble.  And it was Trouble who helped her get back into the showring and then into breeding.  Audrey considered that “Trouble made all my dreams come true”.

Audrey became a prolific breeder and exhibitor with 73 Dogs bred over 25 years carrying the Thalcyon name, of which 22 were sired by her favourite Mr Trouble through matings with quality bitches including Warwells, Eburacum and Shanedale kennels.  Audrey bred 4 UK Champions and 1 International Champion.  These included Ch Thalcyon Cymro Mon At Garbosa, Ch Thalcyon Victoria of Shanedale,  Ch Thalcyon Have U Ever With Dobrugh, and Ch Thalcyon Darius. She also bought wisely and made up champions bred by others, notably Ch Eburacum Magnum Of Thalcyon (bred by Richard Haynes) who won 6CCs.  The  photo shows Ch Thalcyon Cymro Mon At Garbosa – winner of 3ccs and 3 BOBs by 10 months,  winner of Toy Group 2 at the Welsh KC Champ Show in 1995 at age 8 months , and sire of two champions.      

Audrey was a huge supporter of the ETT (B&T) Club.  In recognition of her contribution to the Club and the breed she served as Club President from 2016-2018, attending the Club Championship in her final year before standing down.   Audrey had not been in the best of health recently although her daughter Sandy confirmed that she still took a keen interest in the breed – and continued to keep ETT’s by her side until it was no longer possible to do so. The Club has lost a well liked, and much admired friend.       

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