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ETT Breed Health And Conservation Plan (BHCP)

One of the responsibilites of the ETT breed Club is to work with the Kennel Club to prepare an annual Breed Health And Conservation Plan (BHCP) . This looks at many aspects of breed health and more generally at key trends within the breed, and makes recommendations on actions for the both the Club and the KC itself.

The actions for the KC are to

  • promote awareness of the breed through its social media channels
  • to report back in the feasibility of developing a patellar luxation scheme
  • develop a piece on popular sires, specifically for numerically small breeds, to highlight the risks of prolonged use of such dogs

The actions for the ETT Club are

  • provide adviceon the web site about dental care
  • remind members of the importance of patella testing and collate information on the results

You can download the full report here

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