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The English Toy Terrier (Black and Tan) Club Championship Show 23 July 2021

The weather was kind to us and I thoroughly enjoyed my day judging what I considered to be an overall quality entry. The breed has improved so much since I first judged them twenty years ago, and credit for this must go to the dedicated breeders. It is not easy to breed a small dog that is elegant and yet retains the substance and stamina of a dog that has the ability to do a days work. With more specific breed requirements than most it gives the ETT breeder quite a challenge. I feel some breed points are in danger of being lost, some ears were too big, and a few tails were too long and not “thick at the base and tapering to a point”. Most were displaying happy and fearless temperaments.

Minor Puppy Dog 0/E Puppy Dog 2 /0 abs 1st Philips ETTOLOGY BIG BANG, typical in every way, pleasing head and expression with small almond eye and neat ears carried high on the head, rich tan markings and correct tail set. Positive movement with good reach and drive, one with a bright future. 2nd Dixon LASAGESSE URBAN HYMNS, well balanced dog excelling in head properties, straight front, sloping shoulder, good top-line that he maintained on the move.

Junior Dog 1st Green’s WITCHSTONE STARE IF YOU DARE, alone but a worthy winner, well balanced throughout with wedge shaped head with dark eye level top-line and good tail set. Novice Dog 1st Whithouse TWOWAYS HOUSE TUDOR KING, wedge-shaped skull with candle-flame ears, straight front, well balanced throughout, rich tan with clear markings. Graduate Dog N/E Postgraduate Dog 2 0/A 1st Howard LASAGESSE SUPERSONIC, masculine with good outline and well balanced, wedge shaped head high set pointed ears, slightly arched neck, deep chest and correct spring of rib, straight front with neat elbows, moved freely.

2nd Inch SHAREX TERRYS ALL GOLDOF EDALENE, pleasing head with best of ears and dark almond eye, fine bone, firm body with, well balanced throughout with good turn of stifle and typical movement, displaying true terrier temperament. Limit 5 0/A 1st Love WITCHSTONE FOLLOW THE DREAM WITH TETTOY sound and well made throughout, possessing all the required breed characteristics, deep chest and correct spring of rib, correct top-line and low set tail, moved soundly in both directions and came naturally into the stand with feet facing forward. Presented in tip top condition. Res CC. 2nd Warren PEDRA THE WORLD IS MINE another top quality exhibit with rich tan and clear markings, firm body, fine bone, moved well in both directions. 3rd Ramsde 7 Kagzi WITCHSTONE PRAY YOU CATCH ME. Open Dog 7 2/abs 1st. Bennett CH WITCHSTONE PLACE YOUR BETS AT CAPLEDRAE JW caught my eye as he entered the ring and never put a foot wrong, had everything I was looking for, super movement, and super temperament, presented in good condition with glossy coat and bright eyes. I found him difficult to fault. Pleased to award him the CC. 2nd Dixon WITCHSTONE MINES A DOUBLE AT LASAGESSE, another top quality exhibit, sound and well balanced in every way. Fine boned straight in front with neat feet and elbows well tucked in, deep chest good top line rich tan markings and thumbprints, moved with good reach and drive.

3rd Imrie WITCHSTONE BLACK HAWK AT AMALRIC Veteran Dog N/E Special Beginners Dog 0/E Minor Puppy Bitch 1 1st Seaton & Woodward SHAREX BUIK SKYLARK DE GARDEBOIS, just 7 months but performing well, excels in head properties with super ears pointing straight up and dark almond shaped eye. Strong neck straight front, nice turn of stifle, rich tan with thumb prints, stylish movement with good reach and drive. Puppy Bitch N/E Junior Bitch 1st Reeve, GILLINGS THE SHOWGIRL elegant and well balanced, good head with dark almond eye, ears well set high on the skull, and strong neck, straight front, glossy coat with rich tan. Novice Bitch 3, 0abs. 1st Fiers LOKEREN ABBA ANNIFRIED very feminine bitch of nice size, fine boned correct outline, and tail set, moved with drive. 2nd Turner LASAGESSE TAKE THE TRAIN AT GILNOCKIE, scores on head properties with well set ears, nice reach of neck leading to well sloped shoulders, straight front and forward facing feet, good turn of stifle, displaying true terrier temperament. 3rd Reeve GILLINGS ETTA MYSTICAL MAID. Graduate Bitch 2 0abs 1st Fiers LOKEREN ABBA ANNIFRIED 2nd Reeve GILLINGS ETTA MYSTICAL MAID. Feminine bitch of nice size with fine bone, and pleasing topline, typical head and expression. Just needs a little more confidence. Post Grad Bitch 3, 1abs 1st Fiers LOKEREN ABBA AGNETHA well made throughout nicely arched neck flowing smoothly into slightly curving top line, correct shoulders, and straight front, good turn of stifle, well marked and with the desired thumb prints, moved well in both directions. 2nd Wiles & Argint, SHEDAN FOLLOW THAT GIRL AT VIDRA, elegant bitch with fine bone. Wedge shaped head with dark almond shaped eyes, long arched neck, moved with style and displaying terrier temperament, Limit Bitch 5 0 abs 1st Haffenden & Wood NASABE LILY MARLENE feminine B of nice size, sound and with all the breed characteristics, rich tan markings. Moved soundly in both directions. Res CC. 2nd. Inch EDALENE ALL ABOUT EVE super outline with refined bone, good front and small forward facing feet, well muscled, moved soundly in both directions and shown in tip top condition. 3rd Wiles & Argint, WITCHSTONE SHARE THE DREAM WITH VIDRA Open Bitch 3 1 abs. 1st Dixon CH WITCHSTONE UNEXPECTED GIFT, elegant b of ideal size with classic head properties, super outline and perfectly balanced throughout, not suprising then that she moved perfectly displaying the correct reach and drive. Correct top line and tail set were maintained on the move, showing all to best advantage. No hesitation in awarding her the CC and BOB 2nd Reeve WUKESHA ROCKAHULA AT RUSSIAYREE. Well proportioned b with refined bone, pleasing head and expression with dark eye and neat candle flame ears. Movement letting her down today. Veteran Bitch 2 1abs 1st Fiers HOLD HORSES WITCHSTONE, alone but a worthy winner, at 11 years old was ready to show off her many charms, feminine head good markings including the thumbprints, slightly arched neck and deep chest, moved with drive. Special Beginners Bitch 1st Fiers LOKEREN ABBA AGNETHA. Brace 4 1abs 1st Fiers pair of nice size, elegant, well matched for type and stylish movement’ 2nd Howards 3rd Warren.

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